Having a wild time: badgers near Windermere

I had assumed that badgers were shy creatures and that it would be difficult to see them at close range, never mind take photographs. I was completely wrong!

These cheeky chappies have made their home in a garden in Troutbeck Bridge, and on the night I photographed, the sun was setting and they were eagerly investigating their surroundings. The badgers seemed to know that, because there was a fence between us, they were perfectly safe in my presence. Two of the badgers repeatedly ran up to me,  and on hearing the shutter of the camera, would scamper back to the cover of the bushes, only to repeat the process again. It was as though it was a game to them.

Badger amongst trees

I can see you… 🙂 (This was the first, more shy, appearance)

Badger amongst ferns

Emerging from the undergrowth

Badger amongst ferns

Where’s dinner?

Badger close up

Mucky puppy!

Badger running

In full gallop

Badger running

About to turn round!

Two badgers amongst grass

Two for the price of one!

I really loved having the chance to photograph these amazing creatures, and I’ve honestly never heard such poor manners as they tucked into the apple windfalls – be warned, don’t invite them round to tea!

If you’ve got any great wildlife photos taken around the Lake Distict, I’d love to see them – why not share them with us on social media?


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  1. Janine John 09/09/2015 at 8:37 pm #

    I did a bit of digging (sorry, couldn’t resist that one!) and came across this set of tips for watching badgers from the Badger Trust: http://www.badgertrust.org.uk/badgers/watching-badgers.aspx

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