A stunning view without the walk: Hammarbank, Windermere

If you’re in the Windermere area, or just passing by on a day out, you’d be mad not to stop briefly at one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area. Hammarbank (sometimes spelt Hammerbank depending on where you look) is situated just outside Windermere on the A592 (Rayrigg Road), near Cook’s Corner roundabout. Turn off this roundabout as though you are heading to Bowness, and you’ll find the viewpoint car park shortly after on your right hand side. In fact, if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to leave your car to enjoy the view – this viewpoint is suggested as one of the Lake District National Park Authority’s ‘Miles without Stiles’ views for those with limited mobility, along with a few other viewpoints around the area.

I stopped at this viewpoint both today and yesterday to take some pictures illustrating the varied colours that are so characteristic of the local scenery. What I find so amazing about views in the Lakes is that they are never the same two days running – or sometimes even two minutes running! If you happen to be passing at the end of a lovely day, the sunsets are absolutely incredible, though sadly I’ve never had my camera on me when I’ve witnessed the best panoramas made up of unbelievable shades of oranges and blues.

Hammarbank, Windermere
The view yesterday from Hammarbank, Windermere







Hammarbank viewpoint, Windermere
The sun was just starting to break through in this photograph taken from Hammarbank, Windermere, today

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  1. And the other good news is that in the summer season, there should usually be an ice cream van at Hammarbank during the day.

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