About the Lake District Gems blog

The blog's author, JanineHello and welcome to Lake District Gems – my blog about the Lake District. Thank you for visiting.

Why did I set up a blog about the Lakes? There are several reasons really. I love writing and photography, and I love the Lake District, and to be honest, I was spending far too many hours sat behind my desk and not enough time exploring. This blog started out as a way to put that right. It’s also an opportunity to share all that’s good about the area with you, and to find those truly hidden gems!

What about me? My name’s Janine John and I live in Windermere in the South Lakes. I was brought up in the tourist industry, so throughout my life I’ve been chatting to guests, and learning what makes the Lakes such a special place for them. By trade I am a copywriter and communications consultant. I also spend a lot of my time researching sustainability issues.

I have to confess one thing though, which is that I am not a serious walker. That means that this blog doesn’t cover fell walks and views from the mountain tops, and I wouldn’t want it to – there are many other great blogs and reliable sources of information already out there to fulfil this need.

This blog is about identifying the small pleasures to be enjoyed in every corner of Cumbria, if only you know where to look. It’s about enjoying easily accessed but stunning views on a day trip or weekend away, without having to endure that terrible Monday morning return to the office full of aches and pains (personally I don’t think our bodies are designed to sit in an office all week and then walk the fells without some preparatory build up of fitness!). It’s about enjoying food, culture, places, events and strolls, and the little things.

If you love the Lake District like me, I hope that, whatever your interests, you’ll find something on the blog for you, and perhaps even some amusement along the way.

And if I miss out a little corner of Lakeland that qualifies as your hidden gem, please let others enjoy what you’ve discovered by leaving a comment among the posts.

I hope you’ll join me again very soon.

Best wishes


p.s. If you’d like to find out more about my professional work, you can visit me at Blooming Good Communications.